Super Pump 250 Side Effects

Every problem has a solution. Every question has an answer. Every experience is a learning process. This is why every product has its pros and cons. No matter how incredible Super Pump 250 is, negative side effects are still there and it’s your main responsibility to take note of the following:


Due to its creatine contents, it is advisable not to drink Super Pump 250 four hours before bedtime. Surveys show this is a common mistake made by everyone.

Super Pump 250 is best known for its energy boosting supplements giving you the maximum level of energy one to six hours after ingestion.  For those who prefer to work out at night, it’s a big risk on your part to drink SP 250, unless you want to stay awake the whole night and do bench presses and dead lifts.

Frequent Bathroom Stops

Another side effect of Super Pump 250 is your frequent visit to comfort rooms. The reason behind this scenario is SP 250 is made up of nitric oxide (NO). The NO is an important type of molecule that acts as a messenger in various physiological processes and for you to know, one of its roles is to remove metabolic wastes inside your system.

That’s why; it is advised to drink plenty glasses of water to avoid dehydration during and after training. Having bottled water beside you during workout is a nice habit.

Taste Issues

Super Pump 250 is perceived to have powerful taste (only some flavors) and sometimes, it can come to a point that you want to puke, you know the feeling when you try something you  don’t like especially a bad tasting flavored supplement. This situation seems okay though as we have tried almost all the flavors and Orange is truly one of the best tasting flavors, it’s very mild. It takes time for you to get use of its acrid flavor. Some people immediately get hold of its taste the first time they tried SP 250 while some might really need to pick the best flavor to match their appetite.

To be in your comforts, the team behind Super Pump 250 has created seven flavors for everyone to taste. These are Grape Cooler, Raspberry Lemonade, Tropical Punch, Lemon Burst, Blue Raspberry, Refreshing Orange and Fruit Punch.


This is the hardest side effect you might experience with Super Pump 250. It’s totally a different story if you are regularly going back and forth the toilet to #2 rather than #1, right? In cases like this, you must first reexamine the doses.

Did you drink Super Pump 250 on an empty stomach? Are you sensitive to the product?  These are the two questions you must ask yourself before or upon taking energy booster liquids or shakes. Like what other reviews say, SP 250 works at its best with an empty stomach but we have to disagree, a small amount of food pre workout 45 min before is standard so you have to do what works best for you.

Don’t get paranoid if you have not eaten your breakfast while working out. Let Super Pump 250 work for you naturally!

Variations in the scoops is the best way to test the results but it will be safer to follow the standard procedure in the beginning: One to three scoops into your glass of seven oz of water 30-45 minutes before training.   Warning: never exceed 3 scoops. For the average guy 185 pounds 1 scoop will take any workout to the next level.

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150 Responses to “Super Pump 250 Side Effects”

  1. blake says:

    p.s. super pump before noon is a sub par decision anthony i feel your pain. ive made the mistake on a couple of occasions

  2. ameer says:

    do you have to take it every 4 months ? or it dose not matter ? and the 250 is just unreal

  3. J-D Sauser says:

    I had a short lived LOVE affair with SuperPump 250. I tried it, just one scoop 30 minutes prior to training and oh boy! What a difference in pumps and termogenic feeling and intensity.
    I am by all means not big nor very strong. I’m 44 too. Only 165 Lbs on 5′11″!
    I don’t do coffee and also don’t drink nor smoke.
    But that stuff seemed to be a Godsend.

    I AM a nervous fella and I have to watch myself, not to get overly nervous. Had a heart checkup very recently, the only thing is, my blood pressure is rather on the low end of “normal”.

    Anyways, I used it for two months and all of a sudden, it started to turn me into a jitterbug (still with “only” one scoop before training (4 to 5 days a week)… so bad, I could almost not speak coherently nor control my weights. I had to stop using it. I hate to, as it was a “wonder”-supplement for me, and I can some of that “pump” and “mpf”-feel just quickly melted away.
    I tried other NO products which are strictly “NO” (without the “energy” thing added)… it’s better than nothing but not like I had it with SuperPump! But, since NO only products do not seem to send me flying high, the NO side does NOT seem to be the issue.
    So what changed? Did SuperPump’s formula recently change or what’s my issue?

    Thanks! … J-D.

  4. Leve1990 says:

    Hi all
    just wanted to know from you guys:

    what is the best time to take super pump?

    what type of meal and how long b4 should i have the meal?

    and is any1 have in superpump & sizeon & myofusion combined?

    i have tried all of these they work great i have put 15kg in 3 weeks, but i get the diarrhea almost every time.

    and dose any1 else get stretch marks and what is a good thing to use for them.

    thank u to any1 that gives me some advice.

  5. Anonymous says:

    if im only 16 would this be a bad product for me

  6. Val says:

    finished my nano vapor…goin back to super pump…best pre workout product i ever trieddd

  7. Bandido says:

    I took superpump 250 because my little old lady mother who weighs 98 pounds after using this product for two months was benching 135. Not high but very impressive for a 50 year old woman. I used the blue raspberry in conjunction with a religious p90x workout followed by a 5 mile run and an hour of weights. I look like I’m juicing !!!! Problem is after 60 days I’ve been having sharp chest pains and high blood pressure spikes. I have never had blood pressure problems before. I’m 6ft 2in and 210lbs. I’ve stopped using the product and the problems are gone. I only take one scoop. Has anyone else had the blood pressure and chest pain issues? I believe this is a phenominal product just curious if it’s safe for me

  8. val says:

    level,i usually take my sp around 4:30pm then hit the weights around 5…i eat a apple b4 i take the sp and i also use cell tech with my sp .about the stretch marks i also have some after takin sp that meansss its working lol i dont know what to use for the stre cth marks to remove …keep workin hard n get big tc

  9. Rick says:

    I’ve been on SP250 since Aug 09, and I swear by it. I use to drink coffee all the time and would have grumpy withdrawls. I no longer need coffee and I do not have the withdrawls. The energy it gives me is great!

    With that said, I have been experiencing some side effects. Diarrhea mainly, but I’ve learned 1-1 1/2 scoops is what you need to stick to. I used 2 -2 1/2 for awhile, but that’s what was setting my stomach off. I also now drink plenty of water and have a small breakfast bar with my drink. I think the regular Lemonade is the best.

  10. Scott says:

    I bought SuperPump 250 and only took it for two days before discontinuing use of the product. It does offer amazing results even after only using it for two days, and my energy levels were through the roof. I stopped taking it because it was causing me severe sleeplessness; after taking it to go work out at 3 p.m. I was unable to sleep until 6 a.m. I am 5′11″ and 185 lbs. and only took 1 scoop on both occasions. In addition to the sleeplessness I also experiences heart palpitations in addition to some mild chest pain. After stopping taking the product the side effects went away. The results are intense but I would be weary of the health side effects.

  11. Jay says:

    I have been taking this product for a little over a month… Ony second tub. However have also been feeling chest pain and my blood pressure went way up. The product otherwise is amazing…. I love it… I just stopped and will consult a physician before I take any more

  12. Chris says:

    I just want to know how much Creatine is in one scoop of Super pump 250?

  13. frank j. arcuri says:

    can you take kre alkalyn with superpump is it safe to do so?

  14. Anonymous says:

    does super pump affects sexual drive?

  15. Justin says:

    Hey whats up,
    Im starting to take SuperPump 250 Fruit Punch Blast kind, and after my first time I knew this was the thing I was looking for, for a LONG time.I started working out in 9th grade and was 80 pounds.Now Im in 11th grade and 137 pounds, i play baseball, football and wrestling, but my favorite sport is baseball tho.Out of ALL the products I been taking, this by far is the best pre workout supplement I took ever since I been workingout. Im taking 1 pack right now but after 2 more workout Im goin to take 2 packs.It deffanitly gives me amazing results on my arms legs and my 8pack abs.Im sticking with this product for a long time now.I take this product before workout and take MassTech after and I gained weight after my first workout, and I only took it 3 times and gained 10 pounds already.I got great deffinition.I talked to my friends about it and they are tryin it now, they love it.I do get side effects but looking at my results it really worth it :) I love it and I recommend it for any athlete out there.

  16. shauna gonsalves says:

    I have gotten acne from super pump but i think it is because I sweat so much when i use it. I love this product and continue to use it but has anyone else experienced the feeling of being wicked hungry after they take it? No matter what I eat before and after I take it I am STARVING.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i must say ive been on sp 250 (fruit punch)best kind for sure…for one and half months and have seen incredible results!!!! i have two other friends who have been taking it for about 3 months and have also had awesome results!! we are all experiencing/have experienced chest pains as well as sleepless nights….were still on it for now but not sure for how much longer. we take 1 to 1 1/2 scoops..

  18. Onivas says:

    I have been taking SP 250 for over a few weeks and the results are incredible, but the side-effects that I have been experiencing may result me into giving it up or reduce the amount from 1 scoop to a 1/2 a scoop. My side-effects have ranged from sleepless nights, to chest pains, and severe anxiety. Other than that SP 250 works wonder…

  19. Anonymous says:

    i took superpump for a good 2 months 5 days a week and loved it, noticed a huge difference in my attitude twards working out and gotten faster results. i took a rest period of 2 weeks and started taking it again but for some reason as soon as i started to work out on it i got an unbearable headache and almost couldnt continue, this has happened two days in a row, any ideas??

  20. Anonymous says:

    dis shyt is preworkout worried last night .i used 3 scoops n felt funny alll night lack of breathh heart felt a little funny lol…nothing on my second bottlleee great resultt…i take it with celltechhh

  21. Anonymous says:

    whats the better flavour!!!! plz reply any1 i use raspberry?lemonade

  22. James more says:

    Well I took sp 250 for 1 week and it built me fast , I’m 5,3 and was135 lb when I started taking it but now I’m 5,3 and 145 I feel great, this stuff really works

  23. Anonymous says:

    crazy stuff… all i have to say…

  24. mark says:

    Has any one gotten a travelling rash after taking superpump. I started taking it about 3 weeks ago with good results. But I noticed rash on hands and chest that keeps coming and going…very very itchy rash.

  25. 007 says:

    can a 17year old boy take super pump?will it harm?and hom s.p. can increase size?

  26. Paul says:

    I had the same problem as post number 19. I followed the directions and I had a unbearable headache after taking this product. It got so bad that I quit my workout.

  27. amin says:

    I’m 19 years old n I’ve been breaking out for several months. Protein shake effected on them n now I have more. Does SUPERPUMP effect on ACNE????

  28. zack says:

    I’ve made the mistake of taking super pump before bed it is terrible to stay up all night untill 400 but trust me it was worth it I. Did 90 reps for each arm easy it was the best product I’ve ever taken

  29. Jay says:

    After your workout just wash your face with cold water, and be sure to wash your face with COLD water ONLY! Make sure you do this cause the sweat is what causes acne.

  30. JBFIT says:

    Ok Boys,

    I just purchased Super Pump 200 blue rasberry flavor today. I will keep you posted. I just need results Pronto!

  31. Charlie says:

    SuperPump was good for me at first, but I started having high blood pressure reading and had to stop. Also started getting jittery. I won’t be messing with it anymore.

  32. robert says:

    has any1 tried supr pump 250 with sizeon?and how the result

  33. robert says:

    30 minutes b4 workout i drink superpump250..during work out i drink sizeon..after workout i drink i doin it correct?

  34. jay says:

    can i drink 1 scoop of 100%whey protein in the mornin n 1scoop in the afternoon after i finish workin out?i am a little overweight

  35. SuperPump250 says:

    Hello Robert , Yes this is a perfect set up preworkout with superpump and sip sizeon during workout then hit some whey after.Also get some quick carbs in within 20-40 minutes or so as well.

  36. SuperPump250 says:

    Jay, no problem at all whey is great right when you wake up to stop the cannibalism from sleep. Then whey is also perfect right after a workout. Your are right on track. :) Learn Train Dominate.

  37. ARGH says:

    i dont feel anything in 1scoop so i tried increasing it, and i felt super active bowel sounds in my stomach when i used maybe 2.5 scoops, it happens 2 times but not consecutive days and same scoops. sometimes i also felt palpitations of my heart in the 1st 25mins, should i stop taking it? or just take 1.5 scoops? thx

  38. SuperPump250 says:

    This is a normal response to superpump 250 , but if you feel that its effecting your health then you should stop immediately. Many people experience bowl issues with it but this is a side effect one has to take into consideration. I my self found it to be annoying but worked around it. As for you heart , i am no doctor and you should consult a health care practitioner before deciding. ok now that the legal stuff is out of the way. I would back off the scoops and try 1.5 scoops instead of 2.5 and then see how it goes. Then increase in increments of 1/4 scoop. This is how i did it and seemed to work well. Learn Train Dominate

  39. michael farrell says:

    hi there , i have been useing SP250 for like more then a year ,, take it like every day and i love it ,but my Question is,ist good for me ? or if i should take a break for a while , recently i been feeling some pain on my sides and like pine lower my back , there is any affects on the kidney ? thanks

  40. SuperPump250 says:

    I am no doctor, and you should consult a doctor for professional advice. But with all things you should not take anything in excess. One way i do it is a month on and 2 weeks to a month off. But this is just how i have done it in the past. If you have any suspicion that your issues are from any product you should stop immediately. Wait and see if the issue goes away.

  41. lookin nice says:

    i was using 3 scoops a day for 2 months,,and my workouts were awsome!!! but there are side affects,, i have not used in a month to try other products,, and i noticed that i am addicted to super pump,, i cant think,, i fatige really fast,, and super pump made me feel like i was unstopable,, it was like mind control,, i would even take 1 scoop just to get that feeling,, it even made me think better,, like a redbull lol,,but better,, in a couple of days i will be using, super pump again,, with the rest being muscletech products,, probably 5 or 6 in total,,all from ebay,, and i will post how it goes,,,

  42. paul says:

    Thia product gave me amazing results in one week..People think im on side effect is i have headaches since i started…I was taking 1 scoop maybe try 1/2 scoop..Im 41 and look my best ever:)

  43. Anonymous says:

    @34 you dont need a true “whey” protien then, you want an isolate protien (so low carbs), as for taking it in the morning and afternoon after your workout, that is okay just as long as your able to keep the weight off and turn it into lean mass.
    OR skip the morning take the isolate after workout, and take a slow digestion Micellar protien before bed so your body never is in a catabolic state.

  44. Michael says:

    When it says avoid stimulants does that mean if your out n you’ve worked out with sp250 durin the day that you shouldn’t take somethin that night like ecstacy?

  45. ram says:

    First day i took this product i didnt see any big difference…
    on second day..i can feel more energy, added weights..and reps…

    but i couldnt sleep throughout night and scratching all over body…it causes itching…i took it around 4 pm(jus one scoop) and couldnt sleep till 200 am…wonder if any one had same side effects…

  46. Shenea says:

    I took super pump for the first time today. I usually take Jack3d,but was no longer feeling the strong results after using it for six months. A friend of mine suggested switching to something else for a bit, then going back to Jack3d. Well, I went out and bought super pump, and trying to be high speed I took 2 1/2 scoops between 3:30 pm and 4pm. It’s now 2 am and I am unable to sleep at all! My body is tired, but my mind is constantly going! I am taking this back to GNC tomorrow for a refund. I ran for 4 miles, including some sprints, 15 mins of extra cardio and 30 mins of abs…and I still can not sleep. After reading the other reviews I regret taking this product.

  47. Johnny says:

    I am 19, around 6ft 4, 120 Kg’s and have asthma. Will superpump have any bad side affects regarding my asthma?

  48. daniel says:

    I am 18 and i started taking SP a month ago.I normally take 2 to 3 scoops of SP250. If i take anything below 2 i dont really feel it do anything. I never drank coffee or any energy drinks before but alot of the time, once i get home, im ready to fall asleep.. is that not good? Also sometimes my heart rate goes up during and after workouts.

  49. BigJay says:

    I am 40y/old, 6ft, 230lbs,decent shape. Just a suggestion….. but it takes time for your body to adapt to the stimulants found in this product. You know your body better than the label, and the printing company. I suggest you start out with as little as ¼ a scoop first day , ½ scoop second day and ¾ scoop 3rd day etc… and see what works best for you and your body.

    Personally, I use only ¾ scoop 30 minutes before my 1.5hr workouts, and I get an awesome workout with out all the jittery side effects. But I also don’t drink, don’t smoke, no recreational drugs, and no sodas, so my body has not adapted to outside stimulants.

    When I take, 1 ½ scoops and more I notice heart palpitations, and my blood pressure also increases to over 140/90, diarrhea, and the inability to sleep.
    I have been using the product for nearly over a year, and use it only on the days I workout at the gym (3 – 4 days a week).

    Again, this product is awesome, just use it up to your body’s tolerance.
    I hope this helps…

  50. Clint says:

    I tried super pump after seeing it won a supplement award on I took one scoop along with one scoop of cellucor m5. Saw almost an immediate pump went two the gym did 2 sets and suddenly could not breath and almost passed out then felt strange for the next two hours. CAUTION

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